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Career Highlights
James (Jim) Garrigan
"Diversely Talented" IT Infrastructure Engineer
www.garriganenterprises.comIdeal Opportunity:The ideal position will leverage my technical skills and abilities to support the business and colleagues. I am eager to learn (e.g. cloud technologies) and I thrive at entities that provide a supportive environment for growth.

In present day IT the appropriate idiom is not “reach for the stars”, but “reach for the clouds”.

Experience: I have over 20 years of on-premises experience as both a contractor and an employee.

Location:NewYork City or locations accessible via public transportation within 1 hour.  I live in New York City.  I do not have a car.

Compensation: Flexible - W2

My career history integrates training / analytical and problem-solving experience, along with the ability to precisely determine, understand, and fulfill the requirements.I am learning Python and I am using the Cisco Networking Academy to study for the CCNA. In 2017 at Compu…